Horse Equipment


The things the horse or pony wears.

Tack up

To tack up is to get the horse ready to be ridden, by putting on the bridle and saddle (The bridle is for steering and the saddle is to sit on!)


The thing that goes on the horse’s head to help control and steer him.


The bit is part of the bridle and is generally a metal bar of various shapes that goes into the horse’s mouth to give control to the rider via the reins.


To help steer the horse.


Worn by the horse on its head when it is being handled, but not ridden. Sometimes headcollars are left on horses in the field if they are difficult to catch.

Lead rope

Attached to the headcollar to lead the horse with, or to tie it up for grooming and tacking up, etc.


A form of headcollar, normally made of rope. A term more commonly used in the US.


A device attached between the reins or bridle and saddle to keep the horse from putting its head up too high.


The band that goes under the horses belly behind its front legs to hold the saddle in place.


A belt that passes under the horses tail to the saddle to keep the saddle from sliding too far forward.