General Horsey Terms!


A fenced area for riding.

Indoor arena / Indoor school

An indoor area for riding.

Muck out

The term used for cleaning a horses stable.


Fields where horses are turned out to eat the grass.


Dried grass that horses eat.


Fields where horses are turned out to eat the grass.


A horse is measured in ‘hands’. This dates to pre-ruler days when the width of a hand was used to measure the height of a horse from the ground to the top of its withers (base of the neck). In today’s terms one hand is four inches (10 cms).


Horses and ponies which are ridden a lot and over hard ground and tarmac wear metal horseshoes on each of their hooves. Horseshoes must be replaced every four to six weeks because, like your nails, the hooves grow continuously.


Someone who shoes a horse.


Covers everything from giving the horse a quick brush before riding to a full equestrian shampoo and set, including plaiting the mane and tail.

A Groom

Someone who looks after a horse – not just grooming.


This is a form of training that places the horse on a long rein, encouraging it to move forward to verbal commands in circles around the trainer. It creates suppleness, athleticism and helps train the horse to the basic commands.

Rein back

Where the horse moves backwards in response to a command from its rider.