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Apples Olympic Gold Medal Awards

During your lessons you will be given areas to work-on improving and when enough effort has been made, you will be awarded a gold ring.  Once you obtain 5 gold rings you will receive a 'Gold Medal'.  These are achievable tasks to promote self input, effort and development of understanding.  The tasks are tailored individually and are proving very popular.  Everyone loves to achieve, it encourages self-confidence and further learning. 

Adventure Days

During the school holidays we are running adventure days.  10am til 4pm, bring your own lunch.  These days involve activities based around the horses and will involve riding in the fields and local countryside.  A fun packed day where you learn lots.  Designed to improve knowledge and confidence. These days are tailored to individual needs as much as possible with the aim to teach the care and understanding of horses and ponies.  We believe you learn better if you are enjoying yourself and have the opportunity to participate and have some input into the lessson.  These days will run on a tuesday and thursday of each week, 10am - 4pm or you can attend a half day if that suits you better. 

Give it a try, you may discover skills and interests you never knew you had.  

Pony Experience

The first Saturday of every month, during the afternoon 1pm to 4pm we are offering pony experience.

Either come to have a ride, do a bit of stable management, enquire about the horses world or just have a pat, it’s up to you.

There is no fixed charge but a donation to our chosen charities will be gratefully received. 

ALL proceeds will go equally to The Blue Cross and Cancer Research.

The next pony experience is on 1st September.  Please note we will be at the Alfrick show in Alfrick with the ponies then so come and see us there.



Badge Award

Every month we run 'Badge' courses.  They are designed to teach you about all aspects of horsemanship and riding.  They can be incorporated into your usual lessons.  We cover different subjects each month and on completion you will be rewarded with a badge, certificate and colour coded felt.  These are designed to teach all aspects of horsemanship and to show others what you have leanrt by putting a grade to the knowledge.  It gives people goals to work towards and can help you understand how all the little things are important in understanding about horses and ponies.   

For more information and a list of subjects, please don't hesitate to contact me.